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The story of a business that began in 1972 with the founding of CTE International in the industrial area of Reggio Emilia, which is still the headquarters and home to the Research & Development department of what has become a world-leading group in the radio communications and consumer technology sector. Over the years, led by its founder Corrado Torreggiani, CTE International has developed - thanks to its intense and far-sighted international expansion policy - a group of European and non-EU affiliates and subsidiaries headed by the Italian parent company that now has offices in 13 countries worldwide, including the USA, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Poland, Romania, Greece, Russia, Bulgaria, Japan and Venezuela.

The company offers a wide range of products that meet consumer technology trends in the motorbike, automotive and sports sectors. The company excels in these sectors with its products specifically designed for communication, ranging from so-called Walkie Talkies and CB transceivers, the company's long-standing core business, to intercoms and motorbike accessories, action cams and real black boxes in the family of Street Guardian products to assist car drivers, as well as portable charging systems, such as Enerjumps.