BC 12V DIN.4165 socket + 12V Adapter ACCFS612V


The pair of accessories ACCFS612V (ACC612V + FS612V) is made up of a 12V Hella/DIN.4165 socket (BMW type – diameter 12 mm) and a 12V adapter for BC chargers.

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The pair of accessories ACCFS612V (ACC612V + FS612V) is made up of a 12V Hella/DIN.4165 socket (BMW type – diameter 12 mm) and a 12V adapter for BC chargers.

Thanks to its ring nut, the socket cah be installed on the dashboard/instrument panel, on a flank, on the number plate support or in any internal compartment of the vehicle. The installation is easy and with no possibility of mistake (polarity inversion, etc): you have to unfasten the socket from the wire, unscrew the fixing nut and insert it in a hole with a diameter of 18 mm (0.71 inches). Finally, fix the socket with the nut and restore the connection with the battery connector.
The cable is realized with high quality materials specific for the use in the Automotive industry (resistance to oils, greases, atmospheric agents and thermic/mechanical stress guaranteed). The connector suitable to be employed in tough conditions is a guarantee of quality and endurance of the battery connecting system.
The eyelets are dimensioned so that they adapt to the standards of every battery on the market (installed on motorbikes, motorcycles and light vehicles), but they can also be used for the permanent installation on medium/high capacity batteries (more than 40 Ah), inserting the eyelet in the screw of the clamps reaching the battery. If you install the accessory on a car, we recommend to fix the connector to the vehicle through a nylon strip.
A protection fuse is installed on the cable to avoid any issue in case of short circuit.


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BC Battery Controller products are derived from the experience gained in competitions by drivers and teams racing in international and national competitions, such as the Superbike World Championship WSBK 1000, WSBK 600 and WSBK 300, the Italian Speed Championship (CIV) in the 600 and 300 categories and the World Motocross Championship in the MXGP category.

Thanks to these experiences, the collaboration and the tests performed with the motorcycle manufacturers (MV Agusta, Ducati, Kymco, Moto Morini) we design, develop and manufacture internally (or together with external suppliers/partners, most of them Italian) all BC products, with cutting-edge technologies making them practical, comfortable and easy for use on the track or in everyday life.

BC Battery Controller is an Italian company operating in the automotive industry for more than 12 years and offering a complete range of accessories and equipment for motorcycles and cars, structured in 8 product categories:

– Battery Chargers & Maintainers for private users (from 1 to 10 AMP)

– Accessories for Battery Chargers for private use (OE adapters, connectors for Ducati, BMW, Harley Davidson…) and Consumer Electronics (12V/Cigarette lighter sockets with USB…)

– Lithium Motorcycle Starting Batteries for private use (from 105 to 540 CCA)

– Lithium Jump Starters and spare parts/accessories for private use (from 400 to 1000 AMP)

– Battery Chargers, Maintainers and Voltage Stabilizers for professional use (up to 130 AMP, for batteries from 10 to 1300 Ah)

– 12V & 24V Jump Starters for professional use (up to 13000 AMP)

– Professional Battery/Alternator Testers for cars & motorcycles (from 40 to 2000 CCA 6/12V + alternator tester on 12/24V).

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