D.I.D ‘X’ Ring Drive Chain – 530 Pitch 114 Link VX



D.I.D ‘X’ Ring Drive Chain – 530 Pitch VX

Higher wear resistance
Reduces friction
Patented X-ring construction
Keeps dirt out and lubrication in
D.I.D’s patented X-ring construction reduces friction by twisting between the side plates instead of squashing. Normal O-rings and other manufacturers modified O-rings have squashed points that increase friction. The twisting action of the X-ring disperses the pressure and minimises power loss.



D.I.D X-Ring chain is designed for high performance motorcycles. Their patented X-Ring construction creates a chain that is low in friction and high in wear resistance. D.I.D's sealed chains incorporate D.I.D uniquely designed seal-rings which seal D.I.D special “V” grease in the pin/bushing area and lock dirt out. They are expected to last at least ten times longer than standard chains without significant wear elongation under satisfactory maintenance.


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