Liqui Moly 400ml White Chain Lube



White, full synthetic special grease. For optimal lubrication through visible application on the chain.Cold, heat and spray resistant.Very good adhesion and wear protection.Reduces chain elongation and extends the service life of the chain.Good creeping properties and good corrosion protection.The 50 ml can can be refilled with the 400 ml can.We recommend cleaning the chain with Motorbike Chain and Brake Cleaner (Part No. 1602) before use.Areas of application For all highly-stressed and high-speed motorcycle chains with and without O/X-rings.

Excellent penetration action
Especially cold, hot and splash-water resistant
Outstanding corrosion protection
Excellent adhesion
Friction and wear reducing
Resistant to acceleration forces
Highest load-carrying capacity
Reduces chain elongation


Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly Motorcycle Oil

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