OptiMate 7 AmpMatic Battery Charger



The world’s most advanced fully automatic 12V battery charger!

OptiMate 7 saves batteries other chargers can’t because it recognizes the difference between a discharged battery that needs charging and a dead flat sulphated battery that needs saving. Perfect for months-long maintenance of any size 12V lead-acid battery – deep cycle, automotive, marine, motorcycle …

Multi-stage desulphation: Restores neglected batteries from as low as 0.5 Volts.
AmpMatic charge control: adjusts current to suit any battery size (3 to 400Ah)
Cell voltage balancing mode: optimizes battery performance
Tests before and after charging: indicates battery status, actively tests during long term maintenance
Interactive float charge: maintains battery fully charged, weeks or months long

Charging Amps: 10A (AmpMatic) @ 14.4V
Temperature Compensation: -24mV / °C from 20°C
Use: Indoor / Outdoor(lowest temperature: -40°F / -40°C).
Save: Low Volt Start of 0.5V + 2-step desulphation recovery.
Ideal for: STD, AGM, GEL & Deep Cycle 12V batteries from 3 – 400Ah.
Input: Global (100-240V 50-60Hz), high efficiency (CEC listed), fully sealed.
Style: Weatherproof case with wall mounts, with 6ft / 180cm AC supply lead and 6ft / 180cm charge lead ending in SAE connector.
Included: O11 Weatherproof Eyelet Lead; O4 Clamp Lead for bench charging
Safe: No risk of overcharging. Totally safe for vehicle electronics. Sparks suppressed. Safe for long-term battery maintenance. Automatic shut-down if short-circuited or battery disconnected.
Warranty: 3 years.



TecMate was founded on 1st September 1994 in Belgium, to continue the development and manufacturing of professional battery charging, battery testing and engine troubleshooting and tuning tools aimed at the power sport, marine, automotive, light aircraft and industrial equipment industries. TecMate’s professional charger knowledge and experience led to the design of the OptiMate battery saving charging method in 1995, with the purpose of saving AGM, GEL and STD lead-acid batteries that have stopped working simply due to neglect. OptiMate now also charges, tests and maintains lithium (LiFePo4) batteries.


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