Putoline Drytec Chain Spray 500ml



Drytec is a special PTFE chain oil / lubricant spray. This dry and well-adhering product penetrates deep inside the chain. It leaves a clear and non-tacky protective layer meaning that dirt and salt cannot stick to the chain. Regular use reduces friction, preventing premature wear, and it is clean in use. Drytec is suitable for standard, O-/X-/Z-ring chains on road and race motorcycles.

Instructions for use:

Shake well before use
Spray a thin layer onto the chain
Allow to dry



Over the last 40 years, Putoline has developed into a worldwide leading brand of motorcycle lubricants and maintenance products. Their success has been founded on high quality products, dedicated entirely to motorcycles. This level of focus coupled with a constant program of development since 1970, ensures the world's finest products are always available for your machine. We now stock the entire Putoline range from fully synthetic 4 stroke oil, to brake cleaner, to strawberry scented 2 stroke.


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