Xena XGA Ground Anchor.



XGA Features

High-Grade Steel Ground Anchor.
Massively Strong 3-Tonne Pull Strength
Drive-Over Strong, Folds Flat
Concentric Plate 360-Degree Spin
Single-Bolt Fixing, Easy To Install
Corrosion Resistant
Ice Spray-Resistant
XGA Accessories

XCA Chain Adaptor
XX15 Disc-Lock Alarm
XC Series Hardened-Steel Chains
XGA Specifications

Weight (g): 1,700g

Ideal Home Base Lockdown Solution.

Simple to use and install, convenient and extremely strong. Folds flat when not in use, safe to drive over. For use with all XENA chains.



XENA Security is the world’s leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of alarmed locks for motorcycles.

Founded in 1995 by a group of UK engineers and motorcycle enthusiasts, XENA Security has amassed unrivalled expertise in how to combine extraordinarily strong locks with intelligent alarm systems to create elegant, portable locks with alarms that make life difficult for motorcycle thieves.

For 2019 XENA has added Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone app control to their disc-lock alarms.

One more reason security-conscious owners around the world depend on rugged and reliable XENA Security locks to guard their bikes.


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